Welcome to the CyNam Autumn Cyber Showcase

How Do You Solve A Cybersecurity Problem With Machine Learning?

Machine learning has proliferated through every aspect of modern life, from the recommendations we see online to judging feelings and emotions of social media users via sentiment analysis. However, how does machine learning help keep citizens safe and threats at bay?
We have invited three exciting companies to share how they solve cybersecurity problems with machine learning.

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About CyNam

Welcome to CyNam (Cyber Cheltenham). 

CyNam is a platform for enabling the growth and development of people and organisations within Cheltenham’s flourishing cyber technology ecosystem.

CyNam is a UK based Community Interest Company which operates as a Not For Profit organisation. 

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  • Welcome (Start time 15:00)

    CyNam ambassador and host Reid Derby introduces our guest speakers.

  • Senseon

    Brad F, Head of Threat Analytics.

  • Exalens

    Ryan Heartfield, Head of Cybersecurity Research and Innovation, Co-Founder

  • Rebellion Defence

    Rajat Rasal, Machine Learning Engineer

Speaker Biographies

Brad F, Head of Threat Analytics

A cyber security leader with expertise in nationally significant computer security investigations. Part of the founding team at Senseon with deep technical expertise in threat hunting and solid experience with business operations and taking products to market. Winner of Security Specialist of 2019 at the Computing awards.

Ryan Heartfield, Head of Cybersecurity Research and Innovation

Ryan is the Head of Cybersecurity Research and Innovation at Exalens, and a founder of Exalens’ cybersecurity threat assessment and response platform. He specialises in AI/ML for cybersecurity threat detection and response, security operations automation and response (SOAR), network security architecture and enterprise security strategy. He is also a Research Fellow in cybersecurity in the IoT and Security (ISEC) research group at the University of Greenwich, UK, where he has published over 15 articles in top cybersecurity journals, and leads research and development in multiple national and international research projects, focusing on artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, cyber-physical intrusion detection, information verification and social engineering. His research in defining the human-as-a-security-sensor paradigm has gained both academic and industrial recognition.

Rajat Rasal, Machine Learning Engineer

Master of Engineering and Computing from Imperial College London, recently awarded The Corporate Partnership Programme Prizes  for Programmes and Projects on Topics in Computing.