Welcome to CyNam 21.2

Smart Cyber: Securing the IoT and the cities of the future (virtual event)

Filmed on June 10th 18:00 – 20:00 BST

Our summer headline event, in partnership with the Cheltenham Science Festival will explore securing the Internet of Things and how cyber innovation can enable the smart cities of the future. 

This event had something for everyone, so whether you’re in the industry, a career changer, student or just interested in the cyber and digital worlds, this event is for you!

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About CyNam

Welcome to CyNam (Cyber Cheltenham). 

CyNam is a platform for enabling the growth and development of people and organisations within Cheltenham’s flourishing cyber technology ecosystem.

CyNam is a UK based Community Interest Company which operates as a Not For Profit organisation. 

CyNam’s mission to support the growth and the development of the cyber tech sector is driven by an unselfish aim to serve this community and help create conditions for cyber tech innovation and education.

We provide the capability, community and culture to bring together industry, government and academia. 


  • Welcome (Start time 18:00)

    Event opens with introductions with Madeline Howard from CyNam and Ian George from Cheltenham Festivals

  • What does a welcoming smart city look like? (18.08 - 18.18)


    Professor Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Royal Holloway University of London


    So often we think about digital security in the abstract, as a game of attackers and defenders but a smart city is a place where digital security is part of the everyday, embedded into the lives of people. In this talk we look at what we should expect from an approach to digital security that is fundamental to the design of civic spaces.   

  • How to Build a Citizen Centred Smart City: Privacy, Resilience, Sustainability & Wellbeing (18.21 - 18.36)


    Expert Panel Session featuring:


    Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM CTO - UK and Ireland

    Marina Jirotka, Oxford University

    Awais Rashid, University of Bristol

    Andrew Loschmann - Co Founder, COO - Field Effect

  • Statement from the ncsc (18.37 - 18.47)


    A senior representative from the National Cyber Security Centre will be sharing their thoughts and strategy on the subject of connected places.

  • What makes a Smart City Smart? (18:48 - 18.58)

    Cate Elder - Senior Consultant - Emerging Technologies, CGI

    We’ve all heard the phrase Smart City but what does it actually mean? What makes a city smart? Will I benefit or is this something that only benefits the councils/Governments? Are there any controls/regulations in place to ensure that such a total inclusion of IT solutions in daily life is proportional to the benefits delivered? 

  • BREAKOUT SESSIONS (time: 19:00 - 19:30)

    Click here to go to the breakout sessions page 

    Including the following main headline breakout session:

    Smart Cities – Head to Head 

    Cate Elder, Senior Consultant - Emerging Technologies

    Paul Earnshaw - Technical Director for Innovation and Research

    Ian Diver, Programme Director, CGI

    From a utopian vision of a connected community to a big brother-esque entity watching your every move.

    Of course, technology is neutral and is only as nefarious or kind as those developing and deploying it

    This discussion will be a “Presidential Debate” format – you decide who wins! 

  • Ladies of Cheltenham hacking society (19.31 - 19.41)


    Sophia McCall, Security Consultant, NCC Group


    An overview and brief analysis of the security risk of driverless vehicles and smart city integration of the future. Included in this talk will be an analysis of driverless technologies as well as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) smart city communications, and how the integration of these technologies could increase the security risk within the automotive threat landscape of the future.   

  • NCSC ANNOUNCEMENT (19.42 - 19.57)


    An exciting new announcement from the NCSC and the Innovation Partners

  • student showcase (19.58 - 20.08)


    Karen Spenley CEng hosts a student panel session about the ever important topic of People, Planet + Technology

    With students from Gloucestershire College, Campden, Stroud High School and Cleeve School.

Event close: 20:05

Speaker Biographies

Lizzie Coles Kemp – Professor of Information Security, Royal Holloway University of London

Lizzie is a qualitative researcher who uses creative engagement methods to explore everyday practices of information production, protection, circulation, curation and consumption within and between communities. She took up a full-time academic post in 2008 and prior to joining Royal Holloway University of London she worked for 18 years as an information security practitioner. Lizzie’s focus is the intersection between perceptions and narratives of individual and community security and technological security. Her research specialises in public and community service design and consumption. Lizzie is currently an EPSRC research fellow with a research programme in everyday security and digital service design.

Andy Stanford Clark – CTO – UK & Ireland, IBM

Prof Andy Stanford-Clark is the Chief Technology Officer for IBM in UK and Ireland. He is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, a Master Inventor with more than 40 patents, and IBM’s Quantum Computing leader for the UK. Andy is based at IBM’s Hursley Park laboratories near Winchester, and has been working in the area that we now call the Internet of Things for more than 20 years. He has a BSc in Computing and Mathematics, and a PhD in Computer Science. He is a Visiting Professor at the University of Newcastle, an Honorary Professor at the University of East Anglia, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Southampton, and a Fellow of the British Computer Society

Marine Jirotka – Professor of Human Centred Computing, Oxford University

Marina Jirotka is Professor of Human Centred Computing in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford and Governing Body Fellow of St Cross College. She leads an interdisciplinary research group investigating the responsible development of technologies that are more responsive to societal acceptability and desirability.

She is an EPSRC Established Career Fellow which is conducting a five year investigation into Developing Responsible Robotics for the Digital Economy. She is also Director of the newly established Responsible Technology Institute at Oxford and co-director of the Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT (ORBIT) which provides RI services and training to ICT researchers and practitioners.

Awais Rashid – Director, Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security, University of Bristol

Awais Rashid is Professor of Cyber Security University of Bristol. He heads up the Cyber Security Group at Bristol, is director of the EPSRC centre  for doctoral training in trust, identity, privacy and security in large-scale infrastructures and director of REPHRAIN: the national research centre on privacy, harm reduction and adversarial influence online.

Andrew Loschmann  – Co Founder and COO, Field Effect

Andrew Loschmann brings a 20-year background building and managing IT security products and programs, including 13 years in government/defence, as well as security policy development within the Government of Canada’s Privy Council Office and contributions to national cyber security strategies.

His technical background includes development of software and systems, and cyber security analytics, as well as leading incident detection and response teams.

Sophia McCall – Security Consultant
Chapter Admin for Ladies of Cheltenham Hacking Society

Sophia is a recent BSc Cyber Security Management graduate from Bournemouth University now working in industry as a security consultant for NCC Group. Sophia has recently joined the admin team at the Ladies of Cheltenham Hacking Society and also co-founded the Security Queens brand in 2019. Over the years Sophia has won numerous awards in industry, including highly acclaimed “Rising Star” and “Cybersecurity Student of the Year”. Sophia has also represented the UK three times in the European Cyber Security Challenge, most recently captaining the team in 2019. Sophia’s interests continue to grow around automotive hacking, and she hopes to specialise in this field in the near future.

Cate Elder – Senior Consultant – Emerging Technologies – CGI

Cate is a Senior Consultant in CGI UK’s Emerging Technology Practice. Cate helps clients understand and unlock strategic and operational challenges.

Cate also works closely with Emerging Technology Ecosystem partners – CGI’s  partner network aligned to particular focus areas – bringing value to their clients and CGI through innovative products and capabilities.

Karen Spenley CEng, Technology Sustainability Advisor, Schlumberger

Karen has over 20 years’ experience within the oilfield services environment covering engineering product development, management and introduction to operations. She is a STEM ambassador and currently works for Schlumberger as Technology Sustainability Advisor.