Breakout Sessions

All breakout sessions will run from 18:50 – 19:20 BST on October 21st (halfway through the live event).

If you would like pre register a place you can do so up until the morning of the event – just click pre register and complete the form.

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Commercial Innovation does it lead to more risk?

Martin Batterberry – Commercial Director, Aerospace, Defence & National Security

Greater client expectations and more challenging and dynamic commercial terms are leading to increased levels of uncertainty and risk. During this session, Martin Batterberry, will discuss the pitfalls of traditional pricing and contracting methods and will explore how alternative commercial innovation ideas and principals can create competitive advantage.

CNI compromises in Cinema: Representing the threat?

Andrew Peck – Innovation Consultant

How well are the challenges we face represented in Hollywood? Are things easier or more difficult than our onscreen doppelgangers suggest? What advice would we give a director about increasing realism in his film without putting his audience to sleep? Can Hollywood teach us anything?