Cyber Showcase

Welcome to our Cyber Showcase page.

Here you can find out more about some of the innovative businesses taking part in the CyNam 21.3 event! 

The following companies are the first intake from this years NCSC For Startups programme.

Private networks are complicated and fragile.

We believe Networks are too complicated and that complexity is the enemy of security. We want to change that. At Enclave Networks we are on a mission to make network infrastructure management more simple, agile and secure using patented Zero Trust technology. We want to save you time, money and aggravation and get the network out of your way so you can focus on what needs to be done.

Enclave simplifies and automates network management;
reducing costs, increasing agility and improving security.

Connect all your computers, servers, cloud instances and containers across any infrastructure with effortless Zero Trust Network Access.


Exalens are helping to enable Industry 4.0, maximising operational uptime and safety for manufacturers through AI-driven early warnings of system failures and cybersecurity breaches.

Our ground-breaking Digital Security Companion platform uniquely combines cyber-physical observability, detection AI and orchestrated incident response to automate the task of threat detection and response for SME manufacturers, responding to data, production and safety-related cybersecurity threats in seconds, without the need for in-house security expertise.



Rebellion Defence

Rebellion builds technology products using artificial intelligence and machine learning that serve the mission of national defense for the United States, United Kingdom, and our allies.

Our people are passionate about creating a company where technologists empower the military and our civil servants to solve some of the hardest problems in government.

We are hiring incredible technologists to work on products that defend democracy, humanitarian values, and the rule of law.


We were founded in 2018, PORGiESOFT is an AI startup based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. We combine research data, algorithms, technology & AI to solve problems in education & fraud detection. We’re mainly focused on EdTech and fraud detection AI solutions but we work across a number of industries to improve quality using research data, technology and processes. Our mission is to help our enterprise and education customers work smarter.


The Meterian Platform is a fuss-free and instant solution to protect you against vulnerabilities in your app’s software supply chain.

The supply chain of open source components underpins the cornerstone that speeds up innovation. With only 10% of proprietary software code written by developers who are stretched for time, they leverage the speed and convenience of open source to provide basic functionality and security. However, the stability and security of the app are not guaranteed forever.

Continuous maintenance is essential.

With Meterian, you can automate the due diligence of identifying and patching open source risks in minutes.
Immediately see if the code your team didn’t write is free of security, stability and licensing risks. Mitigate with Meterian to secure your apps’ dependent software components while you focus on innovating.