Cyber Showcase

Welcome to our Cyber Showcase page.

Here you can find out more about some of the innovative businesses taking part in the CyNam 22.2 event! 

The following companies are the most recent intake from the NCSC For Startups programme (Ranwomare Cohort).

Cyntegra povides a local, on-disk backup & recovery solution that supports rapid restoration of end user computing. Roadmap is to cover servers & systems. Additionally have a side-car SSD solution. Giles Watkins from cyntegra will be hosting our myth busting panel session!

Vault Sentinel

Vault Sentinel maps business services to backup solutions to enable organisations to recover from a catastrophic cyber or ransomware attack in days rather than weeks.


Validato use safe-to use breach & attack simulations to validate and dashboard the effectiveness of security controls against a wide range of threats.

SOS Intelligence

SOS Intelligence provide early detection of breached data and credentials, through active monitoring of multi-source OSINT threat intelligence sources.


Goldilock offer a physical airgap solution that allows remote, instant control of true, physical disconnection and connection from the internet – without using the internet.