Addressing the Cyber Skills Gap: fuelling the UK's competitive edge

A series of discussions, presentations, and debates on approaches to tackle the cyber and technology skills gap where we will better understand the blockers and opportunities facing this key dependency on our ability to grow the UK’s mission to be science-super power.

  • Pre event networking (13:00-13:30)

    Arrival time and pre-event networking.

  • Opening host (13:30-13:40)

  • Bussiness panel (13:40-14:00)

  • providers panel (14:00-14:20)

  • Student Panel (14:20-14:40)

  • Cream tea and a break (14:40-15:20)

    Cream tea is being sourced by a local business.  

  • Discussing findings (15:20-15:55)

  • event wrap-up (15:55-16:00)

  • post event networking (16:00-16:30)

Cyber Skills Gap update

Speaker Biographies-

Rebekka Bishop- Rebekka works for CACI Information Intelligence Group as a Senior Technical Consultant for the National Security and Intelligence account. Rebekka was a Women in Tech Excellence Award finalist in 2021 and is mother of two children, with a background in engineering, project management and commercials.

Her career has included working across several industries, including pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and defence and security. Rebekka started her career as a design engineer before moving into project management and then account management. 

Rebekka is also an Ambassador for Women in STEM, taking part in many initiatives after winning BBC’s Best Inventions in 2002. She is the co- founder of Gloucestershire STEM Network, has been Chair for over 3 years.  Leading from this she took a two-year secondment to support the Gloucestershire CyberFirst schools and colleges region, to scale and develop the programme to what it is today, including leading the development of the mentoring programme.

She is passionate about promoting STEM careers, developing the wider ecosystem and helping her clients to succeed to create mission critical software and meeting their requirements.

Russ Nash- As an accomplished technical lead with a strong track record of driving successful projects and delivering innovative solutions, I possess a deep understanding of technology and a keen eye for detail. I excel in overseeing complex technical initiatives and collaborating with cross-functional teams to align their efforts with strategic goals for exceptional results.

Guiding teams through the entire project lifecycle is my expertise, from initial planning to final implementation. I have a proven ability to analyze technical requirements and allocate resources effectively. By leveraging my technical background and leadership skills, I inspire and mentor team members, fostering a collaborative and high-performing work environment.

Known for my strong problem-solving abilities, I address challenges swiftly and make informed decisions to mitigate risks. Additionally, I maintain strong stakeholder relationships and communicate complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences. Driven by a passion for technological advancements and superior outcomes, I aim to consistently exceed expectations, ensuring project success and client satisfaction.

 Amber Peacock- I am an experienced Talent Acquisition leader and strategist who has worked with digital and technology businesses to enable efficient, effective, and quality led growth.

I started my career in boutique agencies who partnered with some of the most exciting technology businesses in the UK, and subsequently moved in house to support global organisations to scale and transform their talent acquisition functions.

Through these experiences I developed capabilities to not only handle the tactical, resourcing and securing hard to reach talent, but additionally the strategic, providing creative solutions to close talent gaps and compete effectively for experienced talent.

A significant part of my experience, and a big personal passion, has also spanned supporting and driving meaningful diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives.

Peter Barbour – Peter is a cyber security professional with over 16 years of experience across the public and private sectors. He studied Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering and began his career in cyber security by accident and good fortune.

He joined a ‘technology’ graduate intake with the UK Government and was placed in a team developing and running early incident response services, before then moving into threat intelligence roles.

Peter moved on to a Cyber Incident Response firm and for the next five years led investigations and responses for private sector clients across all industries.

Nathan Tintinger: Cybersecurity graduate at the Uni of Glos with a placement year of systems development and a big interest in all things cyber! Ethical hacking, pen test, malware analysis, and secure coding modules fully enjoyed in my course. I’m at the end of my degree ready to take on new challenges.

My focus is that of cyber human factors, with my dissertation on using embedded training to help the public defend against phishing attacks completed including practical examples I can continue to develop into a real product. Educate the human! I think the reality of security means we need to help defend the little guy with proper training, vulnerability assessment, and tools.

Hobbies include CTF challenges, online events for gaming communities, and tabletop roleplaying games.